Sunday, September 07, 2008

Any cognitive dissonance for Bama Baptists?

As an educator I valued creating some cognitive dissonance in kids and indeed thought that as important a part of educating them as was teaching them one damn fact after another that could perhaps eventually, and possibly even fairly, be measured with a #2 pencil. I explicitly taught the construct every so often as "thinking about thinking" often was possible. And almost always the smarter kids were more eager to accept that human beliefs and values are a bumpy road at best. The rednecks and rogues often tuned out or turned angry.

I know plenty of good Christians, Southern Baptists even, that wrestle with the challenges inplicit in a life of faith and service. I bet most, but not all, in Alabama will pull the lever for McCain/Palin this fall but I hope they at least struggle some in doing do.

I'm hoping that all but the most clueless know St. John's Sugar Momma made her millions via her Daddy's major Budweiser distributorship. The circumstances of his divorce from the first wife are also likely known. I covered Miss Cindy's unreleased tax returns some time back yet I'm thinking she's now released them or pledged to do so. I'm not so sure they are relevant yet let us not forget how Teresa Heinz Kerry's wealth was handled by Bu$hCo in 2004. I doubt the devil's drink distribution would be handled out of the White House if St. John takes office in 2009 yet the irony is rich.

Also, Huggy's temper is legendary, the most recent coverage provided by David Lightman and Matt Stearns of McClatchy just today. And I'll use my first and likely only link to Drudge to share a claim St. John called Cindy a trollup and c**t once.

Cindy's stealing pills from her own charity would also be a cause for pause for some Baptists I know.

Finally, in the McClatchy piece I noted it mentions Huggy's high school experience at the high end Episcopal High School. From there this favored son went on to Annapolis (having a Grandfather and Father holding the ranks of Admiral no doubt helped) where he finished near the bottom of his class. There are echoes of Dubyah with that legacy and performance! Again, who is the elite candidate?

Sarah Palin is helping shore up support for St. John in Dobsonville and the like yet I do wonder how the fundie set is squaring their beliefs with the beer and ... John Gunn

UPDATE ~ A mere few minutes after posting I found Rich Mauer of the Anchorage Daily News via McClatchy reporting Palin used state funds for trip to speak at her former church. Where's the taxpayer outrage?

UPDATE #2 ~ Maybe an hour or two later I noticed Oops! She Did It Again from Hilzoy on The Washington Monthly's Political Animal Most of the Baptists I know frown on fibbing, or at best leaving off the full story, Governor Palin. Does 2004's "I was for it before I was against it" not apply? Then again, it could be just one more IOKIYAR.

UPDATE #3 ~ At least two hours later ... If in fact Governor Palin did say “So Sambo beat the bitch!” I'd think that would bother some Baptists I know. I'm not vouching for "Lucille the Mystery Waitress" or for that matter Charley James yet given how so many Democratic candidates get smeared I'm at least willing to drop the link.

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