Saturday, September 06, 2008

Senator, the GOP does think we're stupid

I've long claimed to be a "Propservralist" in that I'm a blend of Progressive, Populist, Conservative, Liberal, and Pragmatist yet I'm surely a Populist with roots in the red clay of hill country East Alabama. Georgetown Professor Michael Kazin appears in the Washington Monthly with The Great Populist Divide: Conservative Populism Dies Hard and it is a must read. Language and delivery is so critical in fighting back against the GOP approach. Barbara Boxer seems to get it yet surely we can find some Alabama or at least Deep South politicians/leaders that can do the same. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Some ten minutes later ... The Mobile Press-Register thinks we're stupid as well. "Sen. McCain does indeed have an appealing reform agenda. He outlined it in his acceptance speech: Education reform through school choice, health care reform that empowers individuals, tax reform based on tax simplification and spending reform that eliminates wasteful pork." In order, the marvelous markets solve everything. Actually, his solution is to take away the deductions small businesses get now for health care and let the marvelous markets work within Big Pharma and Big Insurance to cover Americans that already get decent although expensive coverage. Those left out can just go to the emergency room (the most expensive care of all, per a McCain advisor. Vague claims that St. John wants to simplify the tax code will not cut it. I know he now supposts the Bu$hCo tax cuts for the wealthy yet here are his positions as best as I can tell. Here are Obama's. For Huggy to select Sarah Palin as his Veep given she has embraced earmarks, even going so far as hiring lobbyist to reel them in for her town in a state that already gets tons of revenue from DC. As the Anniston Star rightly pointed out, is Alabama really wanting to walk away from the pork?

UPDATE #2 ~ Some twenty minutes later ... Georgia's Lynn Westmoreland must think we are also. The use of "uppity" to describe Barack and Michelle Obama shows he either ignorant or racists. Neither are of course positives. He remains a credit to his state and Party. "You can have more education than you can use." was a prior quote of Lynn's so the irony is priceless.

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