Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mobile Press-Register scolds Great Orange Satan

The Mobile Press-Register, the most right wing paper of the Newhouse Triad in Alabama, shows how clueless they are with their Editorial An Internet sewer spill in today's paper. Mobile P-R, ArcXIX is not a "blogger" on Daily Kos. His or her diary is not even available on the site now. I wonder if the Mobile P-R ever reads Red State or Melanie Morgan or Free Republic or ...? Everyone involved with those outfits is always perfectly sane and polite I'm sure. The P-R didn't mention Byron York either. Ann "Crazy Run Over Dog" Coulter is a mainstay of the GOP and actually gets airtime on the TeeVee and y'all want to go after this? The P-R closes with some angle attacking Democrats who hang with "those who inhabit the creepiest corners of the left-wing blogosphere". The P-R is lost, clueless, wrong, ignorant, ... as usual. But they always are movement conservatives! John Gunn

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