Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Mobile Press-Register ~ On offense again!

The Mobile Press-Register reliably demonstrates how "movement conservatism" works. With all the troubles on Wall Street, last night's debate, ... I'd have thought perhaps other themes might have been addressed. I noted just recently that the Mobile P-R routinely circles around to cover "school choice" yet they do the same on "lawsuit abuse" and the like. And who can forget how they've treated Don Siegelman?

However, today's Election will decide the future of drilling is a masterpiece of attack-minded distortion that represents the foundations of the modern GOP. I noted the Mobile P-R's willingness to engage in big lies on drilling back in July yet today's piece is exponentially worse in how they attack Democrats. I'd expect not much worse if listening to the many talk radio hacks working for the Republican Party. They are even more bent than Eagle Forum types. Did Alabama Policy Institute's Gary Palmer help draft this Editorial? Did Ann "Crazy as a Run Over Dog" Coulter? I love this:
Liberal Democrats view their retreat on the drilling ban as a tactical political move that will buy them time to push an environmental agenda based on conservation and alternative energy.
Mike "We are all environmentalists" Rogers better gird his loins! Also, would only Democrats engage in politicking? I'll cover more later on the meat of the matter. This is also a classic:
Oil company officials, wary of the Democrats' long-term intentions, aren't likely to immediately begin investing in offshore exploration.
As an aside, would the alleged "credit crunch" not slow them down more? And how much exploration were they doing on the many existing leases they already held during this Reign of Error? Hell, didn't Dick "Dead Eye" Cheney hold secret energy meeting with these same guys early in Bu$hCo? You'd think with the GOP in charge on the Executive and Legislative (and Judicial for that matter!) they'd have not been so wary for those years? And of course "oil company officials" are beyond questioning on their morality and wisdom.

It gets better:
... most Democrats remain committed to abandoning carbon-based fuels.
First, the complexities of determining peak oil are reality. That we're tapped out is another reality. Another Inconvenient Truth! Step back to 1977 for Jimmy Carter trying to lead us, only to have the ground floor wingnuts that soon gave us Reaganomics label his efforts M.E.O.W. Reality of course is well known to have a liberal bias. Despite all this, the Mobile P-R takes a reality driven position, such as the energy policies from Obama-Biden, and attacks in the most clearly partisan fashion.

A colleague of mine and I have been talking rather frequently about politics. He's rather to the right and often rails against the lack of responsibility demonstrated by Americans. I agree that it is hard to fathom the thinking of the average American. Low information voters wrapped up in consumerism and entertainment and pleasure and ... dominate. The toon above applies I think.

I also recall the majority of Republican Party Congresscritters (and Democrat Dick Durbin and few outliers) consistently voting down increased CAFE standards. Senator Obama tried to remedy this in a bipartisan manner! Then again, John McCain sees this one similarly. Dick Cheney claimed conservation was merely a virtue after all. There's more ... The GOP also handed out big subsidies to Big Oil and have reliably blocked Democratic efforts to invest in new energy. Is this demonstrating grown up, responsible leadership? Is it responsible journalism to close with the following?
And if Barack Obama wins the White House and has a Democratic Congress to support his agenda, the new drilling rigs will be shut down and gas prices will rise to new heights,
What new drilling rigs? None have been built yet you tools! It will take a decade or thereabouts to get any of this oil into the supply. Fear-mongering isn't necessary in Alabama and Mississippi so maybe the Mobile P-R is trying to influence that little piece of Florida in their readership?

The P-R might as well stand for Public Relations. They are so often in lock step with the GOP, Inc. and thus Selling Public Policy as a Commodity. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Sunday, September 28, 2008 - Dr. David C. Kopaska-Merkel, an honest to God geologist, delivers a far more educated opinion on the issue than the shills at the Mobile P-R deserve. His opinion appears in the P-R's sister publication up in High Jefferson. I so would like the Mobile hacks to be required to respond yet they aren't likely interested in stubborn facts from some pointy headed intellectual.

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