Sunday, September 07, 2008

GA's Hans von Spakovsky is back on offense

The Heritage Foundation, like many of the conservative think tanks, is always on offense of course. I'd read recently that Hans von Spakovsky was back in the mix. He got ink in "Spero News" with How Democrats stole an election in Alabama: Democrats consistently used absentee voter ballots to steal elections due to the unmonitored settings where there is no election official or independent observer present to ensure that the registered voter is actually the person vot­ing just today. I'm not necessarily saying that in the 1990s, and even today, Alabama's absentee process isn't less than ideal and perhaps subject to fraud yet this operative is hardly in a position to claim he's concerned about democracy. For him to suggest this is so by writing of Alabama is all the more bothersome. John Gunn

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