Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dr. Malcolm Cutchins ~ Onward Christian Soldier

About as close as I got the Engineering Department while down on the Plains was walking past. So I missed Dr. Malcolm Cutchins. Maybe I'd have enjoyed meeting him way back then? I fear a nephew was exposed to some right winger, libertarian types in Business or Foresty yet I'm not sure if Dr. Cutchins could have made it worse or better. Dr. Malcolm Cutchins get regular ink in the O-A News and I often disagree with what he writes.

He's in the Opelika-Auburn News on August 21st with a piece on our electing the "Commander in Chief". I thought that just one of the facets of the job. He writes, "The FOX News special on Obama last Monday night raised even more red flags about his background." I suppose News Hounds can cover the coverage of Faux News. Fox is of course hardly a neutral source yet that's just one of the apparent influences on Dr. Cutchins.

In late July he opines Don’t be fooled by false responsibility where he quotes Rousas John Rushdoony. When Jerry Falwell thinks your positions are too extreme that might suggest much.

In early July he wrote Lack of flags shows apathy and quoted Brigitte Gabriel speaking before The Intelligence Summit yet you really needed to do some more homework Doc. This outfit is whacked and then some. And Brigitte Gabriel appears to be an opportunist.

Even more recently he shared Looking down on creation a beautiful sight to see yet I'd like to tell him you meaure points on but one side west of the Rockies. If you've got a thirteen point elk Doc I'd surely like to have the pictures you claim to hold. And I'm not so sure you'll find an elk too near the Seattle area.

Doc Cutchins is also listed on the Institute for Creation Research pages as an authority. John Gunn

Update - 09 September 2009 - A Roosevelt elk could be found within an easy drive of Seattle. Not in the backyard but near enough to where I felt a need to do an update. The Great Northwest is indeed a beautiful part of the world.

Update - 03 November 2009 - I made some slight changes after Dr. Cutchins approached me in what even this heathen thinks was a very Christlike manner about removing certain content that he didn't think wasn't fair. His conduct speaks well for his faith. I have made some slight changes and hope this is satisfactory to him. I wish him well and salute him for many years of sharing his ideas in the Opelika-Auburn News and also what I understand was a stellar career in academics.

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