Sunday, September 28, 2008

A day in the life of another well paid GOP operative

I learned of Susan Dudley from my ongoing reading of Thomas Frank's The Wrecking Crew" How Conservatives Rule. It is a gem of a book! According to Mr. Frank, he found, while deep behind the lines at The Mercatus Center, a pamphlet titled "A Day in the Life of a Regulated American Family" that was seemingly designed for kids. This might be as close an example I can provide. This somewhat reminds me of Alabama Policy Institute's "Facts Not Fear: Teaching our Children about the Environment" effort. Truly Susan Dudley represents perfectly how conservatives "govern". She's obviously smart as a whip but she's wrapped around "the marvelous markets solve all" theories that the GOP (and "Centrist Weenies" as well) use to regularly run this great nation into the ground. That Mercatus and George Mason University and ... are at least in part, and I'd argue significantly so, funded by Koch money, mentioned yesterday as relates to Nancy Pfotenhauer, is undeniable. She and her husband can both drive hybrids but she's nevertheless totally in the tank. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Just a few minutes after posting the above I found the NYT's Don’t Blame the New Deal. Rightly they lament much of this trouble going back to "antiregulation disciples of the Reagan Revolution: yet they also point out, "Indeed, it was in the Bush years that antiregulation and deregulation found full expression, fueled by an ideology that markets know best, government hampers markets, and problems will magically fix themselves." Amen!

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