Sunday, September 28, 2008

The invisible hand of free enterprise solves ...

Anna Velasco reports in the B'ham News What will Obama, McCain mean for your health care? Well done for the most part, I appreciated the coverage of issues relating to rural folks. I liked the explanation of the issue and respective plans. There are tons of differences in these candidates yet health insurance is a perfect place to start.

John Mc$ame relies on the fantasy that "market solutions" solve all ailments. Thankfully Ms. Velasco points out the radicalism of Huggy's health care approach in that "McCain proposes ... ending the tax-exclusion for employer-sponsored health coverage. ... In exchange, everyone - those who get coverage through work or on their own - would be eligible for a flat tax credit toward the purchase of health insurance. An individual would get $2,500 and families would get $5,000." Good luck out there getting coverage for those amounts Bubba and Bubbette!

Of course the grown ups in Congress wouldn't let Mc$ame's foolishness pass yet I'm not sure Obama's plan goes far enough. It will certainly be a step in the right direction however. Again, a tip of the tam on this reporting. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ September 29, 2008 - From South Florida's Biz Journal, a favorite read of Bama Bubbas and Bubbettes I'm sure, we can see figures of around $15K for family coverage. Huggy wants us to party like its 1999!

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