Monday, September 08, 2008

Have left wing loons infiltrated the Mobile P-R?

I've noted before that The Mobile Press-Register at times manages to get things right. However, I'm flatly floored to read today's Editorial titled Poverty's roots lie in state constitution. They, or at least whomever managed to seize the reins from the usual movement conservatives that craft their reasoning, write:

The framers of the state's 1901 constitution wrote the document to keep poor people poor and wealthy people (themselves) wealthy.

Direct, sometimes racist language declares, among other things, that the state has no responsibility to educate its citizens, and limits local government to keep power in Montgomery.

Moreover, the constitution sets in stone a tax system that rewards wealthy landowners and businesses with low property taxes, and places the burden of taxation on the middle class and the poor by funding the cost of government mostly through regressive income taxes and sales taxes.

Indeed, the constitution helped establish a culture of indifference to public education and pride in low property taxes. Over the decades, that has meant impoverished schools and insufficient and unreliable funding for other state services.

High rates of poverty can be directly related to Alabama's record of poor education and a tax system that sucks money from the poorest citizens.

Because of restrictions in the state constitution, local governments remain hamstrung when it comes to controlling growth, improving education and encouraging economic development.

Amen! When the Mobile Press-Register is agreeing with those on the Progressive side of the issue then that ought to send a loud message to the powers that be up on Goat Hill. John Gunn

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