Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another example of markets working for wingers

Is there some kind of conservative eugenics effort? On the left Kurt and Nancy Pfotenhauer are an attractive pair. Her first hubby (there on the right), Heritage Foundation economist Daniel Mitchell isn't an ogre either. Kurt is neck deep in the mortgage industry and Miss Nancy is a professional indeed. Via Daily Kos, joesgarage wrote, "Pfotenhauer's career is a blueprint for advancement through the interconnected world of private equity, right-wing think tanks, and the Republican power elite." I've never seen as muckety a Muckety map as hers. She's frequently the McCain spokesperson on the economy and I'd surely like some host to rip the bark off her given her reliance on wingnut welfare. Following the money to and from the funding fathers like the Koch family is a rewarding process and an endeavor that continues to amaze me. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Afternoon of September 29, 2008 - Nancy demonstrates pre-emptive working of the refs on the upcoming Biden-Palin debate.

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