Sunday, September 28, 2008

Populism please!

I was hardly a Hillary fan or, for that matter, an Obama supporter. My default candidate failed to keep it in his pants so I'm glad he never got traction even if I think private sexual matters are none of our damn business. I wanted Senator Feingold to run and still hope he'll give it a go one of these days. He'd surely climb on a pickup and reach out to regular folks as Backbone is what he consistently demonstrates. The WaPo's Krissah Williams Thompson files a solid piece with her In Mississippi, Deep-Rooted Doubt: Some Believe That No Matter Who Wins Election, Little in Their Lives Will Change. The photo gallery from Linda Davidson accompanying the writing is equally rewarding. Reaching folks like those covered in Mississippi requires a dose of populism that unfortunately Centrist candidates don't always deliver. Hillary found it way too late (Heck of a job Mark Penn!) and at this stage Obama/Biden might find stumping like this a little unrealistic. Alabama's Big Jim Folsom, even when drunk as a bicycle, was a master of politicking from a pickup. A blend of entertainment and outrage, with a dose of fusion politics, can still work wonders. We're leaving too many votes unrealized down here. And there in the fast growing exurbs for that matter too. John Gunn

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