Saturday, September 06, 2008

Obama bashing in the Opelika-Auburn News

The claim by Auburn's Vic Payne that "We are all aware that his pastor and close friend for 20 years not only hated America but was also a racist. Obama’s wife has no regard for this country (until recently) and has used her own racist remarks. Also look at Obama’s long-term friendship with certain American terrorists." is way off base. His reliance on the "work" of Dr. Alveda C. King is revealing. She's tied to the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution and obviously was a Sam Brownback backer. She's drafting off Dr. King's legacy at best.

His pastor "hated America" yet didn't Rev. Wright serve under arms? He was in the Marines and served as a Navy Corpsman. That counts for much in GOP logic doesn't it? Does frustration with certain facets of our society count as "hate" Vic? What explicitly racist remarks as to this country has Michelle Obama uttered? C'mon Vic ... I'd like you to prove it! Even Laura Bu$h calls BS on your line of attack. I'm guessing you listened to Big Fat Idiot one too many times but I'm hardly sure what motivates your type. And are Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers really the best y'all can come up with on claims Senator Obama has ties with "certain American terrorists" given the whole of the right wing smear machine? Their past dastardly deeds after all happened when Barack Obama was a child Vic.

Mr. Payne just doesn't get either Senator Obama or Dr. King's message. He's claiming "Obama is way out of step not only with the values of black Americans but also with mainstream Americans of all stripes." yet I'm doubting he has been given authority to speak for either. John Gunn

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