Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Damned if I know how to talk to these people

I understand you need to throw the base some red meat at times yet to read and hear the GOP speeches is an incredibly frustrating process. Ever the mistreated, the Mittster and the Huckster and Rudy G (and supposedly Sarah Palin will soon be) attacking and distracting as only the GOP can. Also, I had a Sergeant talking with me today who just came out and asked me how I'd vote. And I answered. Further discussions followed and it wasn't all bad. It all came down to a "feeling" per this NCO from what I gathered. Another recently confirmed the GOP's ability to set their frames better than our team. Neither knows squat about the issues and for that matter either candidate it seems yet they'll be doing their part for St. John this fall. John Gunn

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