Monday, September 29, 2008

Will Prince Troy King cause a galactic meltdown?

On October 14th I'll turn 43 yet I'm worried that for my birthday I'll see the end of days. This is rather Spaghetti Monsteresque yet I just share the predictions of Australia's Blossom Goodchild in claiming the following:
"messages channelled to her by the Cosmic Beings known as The Federation of Light ... have announced that one of their craft will appear in our skies on October 14th 2008 for a period of three days in such a way as to prove to us the existence of other life forms in the Universe. The Federation of Light stress that they come in LOVE to help us and our planet move to a new Higher Vibration of Love."
This Federation of Light says, "We give to you the name of Alabama." So they are coming to freaking Alabama? Troy King will simply have a fit over this "Higher Vibration of Love." It gets worse! Prince Troy got all fired up when the United Nations scolded Alabama for her flawed death penalty system. There's no telling what he'll do to a "craft of great size" full of new age, peace loving aliens. We better hope trusted Executive Assistant John Godwin can soothe Prince Troy before he causes Armageddon. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ I cross-posted over at Daily Kos to use the Great Orange Satan's polling feature. And I'm also blog whoring. To do this work and only merit fifty or so visits a day is admittedly a touch troubling at times.

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