Monday, September 29, 2008

Heck of a job Johnny!

Bob Martin of the Montgomery Independent reports "John W. Stevenson, publisher and editor of The Randolph Leader based in Roanoke, is the new president of the National Newspaper Association and he is bringing the association's annual convention to Mobile next year." I've known Johnny I suppose most of my life. He and his first bride lost a son in a tragic automobile accident several years ago whom I understand was a truly exceptional young man. He recently married a superb catch per Earl Manning. And if there's anything Mr. Earl knows, it is what a classy and lovely wife looks like as he's had a gem by his side for years. The Randolph Leader, like so many small home town papers, has a rich history. President Bush might not care to bother with reading newspapers but the National Newspaper Association is lucky to have such talented leadership. John Gunn

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