Friday, September 12, 2008

Is this from an emeritus professor of engineering?

While last week I lamented that Dr. Cutchins was relying on Rousas John Rushdoony for some of his radical views this week I find him working off the teevee. "This past week has seen a number of films broadcast on television about major events in our past history" writes Dr. Cutchins. In the Opelika-Auburn News he gets ink with Fly that flag proudly today where he goes off on the oddest riff about 9-11 to ... I have no idea on his theme here. And that he relies on an odd collection of "film" for his inspiration troubles me slightly. John Gunn

UPDATE - 03 November 2009 - I made some slight changes so as to try to accommodate Dr. Cutchins' gentlemanly request that I remove certain images and text that he felt was unfair. we can still disagree but I'd like to more agreeable in doing so.

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