Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'll soon be crossing Snoqualmie Pass to Yakima

Tina Fey provides a perfect Palin! She'll have lots of material this cycle and God forbid if Mc$ame pulls this one off.

Finally, I'll be out of pocket until this next weekend as we'll be in Yakima. Instead of hanging out a Stryker I'll be driving a HMMWV back and forth this time. And I'll not be doing much if any training this time as "I'm a Chairborne Ranger." At least I'll likely not have to sleep in the field. Then again, I doubt I'll get any good pictures of those big vistas with my hands on the wheel.

I'll be news deprived this next week yet perhaps that will let me get a grip. These last week or ten days of seeing the GOP work their magic has shaken this Scot. John Gunn

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