Thursday, September 11, 2008

Alabama Eagle Forum's "wisdom" on energy issues

Brooklyn Burgess, the Executive Director of Eagle Forum of Alabama, gets ink in the Montgomery Advertiser today with ALABAMA VOICES: Push domestic production. They really prayed for "for the stability of domestic oil production in the Gulf?" Phyllis Schlafly would be proud Brooklyn of your lack of understanding yet superb efforts on behalf of movement conservatism. Although experts agree that "drill, drill, drill" is no solution, and that anybody with a lick of understanding about the modern world knows the Saudis (and others from that neck of the woods) have not only bought up all the debt your team has once again ran up, this occurring despite of, or perhaps because of the relationship between the House of Saud and the House of Bu$h, you sell your schemes. Also, oil shale (or tar sands for that matter) is a losing proposition. Brooklyn Burgess is of course dialed in with the Heritage Foundation (reckon she is quoting Ben Lieberman?) and likely others out there earning their wingnut welfare. She's lost. Or perhaps just a liar? Maybe a little of both? John Gunn

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