Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's Robert Rubin's fault! And also ...

I always get tickled when I hear or read claims that Bill Clinton was a "liberal" as he was a DLC Centrist at best. I've posted on my own preference for Reich over Rubin in "The Battle of the Roberts" in the first Clinton administration. And let s not forget how Uncle Alan Greenspan influenced The Clenis. To read Paul Barrett's What brought down Wall Street?: Financial crisis arose from bad choices, greed, failure to learn from mistakes makes me feel even more confident I have it right with my choice of Roberts. This Steve Weissman TruthOut piece titled How Much Change Does Robert Rubin Believe In? likewise makes me feel more certain. The question remains as to how a President Obama might govern. Perhaps this time the Reich approach will finally get a chance? With the further budget constraints of bailing out the fat cats who privatize profits yet socialize risks I'm not so certain he will have a whole lot of tools at his disposal yet hope springs eternal. John Gunn

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