Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Scot likes Dutch Proverbs

I could have done without the Reagan reference, and the Fletcher Rowley Chao Riddle (nice work they did for my own favorite Congresscritter Jerry McNerney!) lead that didn't get edited out on the YouTube version. I much prefer the Sue Bell Cobbesque video (her "This Little Light of Mine" ad was perhaps the best evah!) you'll find at the splash page for Judge Deborah Bell Paseur. I really appreciated Robert Leslie Palmer, a smelly hippy tree hugging trouble making lawyer perhaps to some Big Mules and the simpletons they so often use, pointing out in The Anniston Star that her opponent is bought and paid for by Big Business and especially Big Automobile Dealer. Indeed "promises make debt, and debt makes promises." John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Just a few hours later ... I think mooncat's $treetwalker label works nicely for Greg Shaw. LIA rocks!

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