Sunday, September 28, 2008

Any more cognitive dissonance for Bama Baptists?

I'd previously posted on John McCain's ties to the devil's drink, wondering if that might not trouble some of the Baptists I'm expecting will pull the lever for St. John Mc$ame. In fact, a "Wet-Dry" vote is coming up for Randolph County where I still vote. Bobby Kirby claims to know the Christian stance. E. Clayton Scott calls alcohol poison and a drug "just as much as meth, crack and heroine (sic)."

Perhaps they'll cut Huggy some slack on marrying a beer heiress as that helped get him to DC so he could do the Lord's work, as only Republicans can do of course? Then again, IOKIYAR may suffice? A fellow can only go so far on a 100% disability pension after all. And if he can rake in some extra change at the gambling tables, even those under the jurisdiction of his own Senate Indian Affairs Committee, that's cool I'm sure.

And by the way, Sarah Palin was in a bar on Friday evening! She at least had a chaperon in the form of Philly gazilionaire Ed Snider. There was no dancing!

I'd like to think that today's NYT's piece from Jo Becker and Don van Natta titled McCain and Team Have Many Ties to Gambling Industry surely will trouble at least some of the Bible Thumpers. Details include forty plus lobbyist and heavy hitters tied to his campaign, monthly trips to Vegas for "weekend betting marathons", and seizing the Abramoff scandals for opportunities (while still protecting his friends) as delivered by The Gray Lady. Reminding us of the role that nasty wingnutter and well-connected Grover Norquist played in the Abramoff scandal is a bonus. John Gunn

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