Saturday, September 06, 2008

Susan J. Hobart ~ Why I hate NCLB

Susan J. Hobart, M.S. Ed., appears in The Progressive with One Teacher’s Cry: Why I Hate No Child Left Behind with much that is worthy of a visit. Driving home "demoralized after another meeting where our success is dissected with a knife manufactured in Texas" is something I can surely relate to. She closes with, " I don’t want to be remembered as the teacher who taught them how to sing “Testbusters” or to “bubble up.” I want to be remembered as a teacher who inspired them to learn." Amen! John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Evening of September 8, 2008 - I really liked Peg Tyre's Struggling School-Age Boys: A new study says parents are right to worry about their sons in Newsweek.

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