Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm off to the city for some San Francisco values

I'm meeting the bride in San Francisco over the weekend so there will be little if any posting. We hope to spend some time with Jerry and Mary McNerney or at least some of the crew from 2006. Perhaps we'll get up to wine country yet even if we don't I am simply thrilled to finally get our honeymoon. We might dine at Schroeder's as I once briefly spoke there at a Democracy for America meeting where I opened with "It's not every day somebody from Alabama gets to talk up Progressivism in San Francisco." then again, we might drop by Elephant & Castle for some time with the Brits. While in CA-11 we'll likely wind up at The Hop Yard. I remain very comfortable with San Francisco values. Given the bride's line of work I expect she might appreciate at least a walk by the Delancey Street effort. John Gunn

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