Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time Warner's CNN announces new politics talent

We here on the loony left just get these two? The WaPo's Dana Milbank was recently scolded in a post I'll not bother linking to yet it contained this link. Ombudsman Little Debbie Howell, hardly a flaming lefty herself, even reprimanded him for that dreadful work. I appreciate Hilary Rosen and knows she's surely got game yet her work as "chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America" is hardly placing her in the socialist set I'd argue. The right gets Tara Wall of the Moonie Times, David Brody from Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network, and Alex Castellanos of The Mittster's failed campaign and National Media, Inc. Our "liberals" seem rather centrists or at least corporate. I'll pass on an opportunity to question CNN paying Glen Beck and Nancy Grace and ... Another day with corporate media I suppose yet I'm bothered when they don't even make it deniable. John Gunn

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