Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two lives well lived ~ Was it roots in good dirt?

The rocks and ridge to the left isn't from where I grew up. Still, it does look rather like that in a few places out back from where I grew up. The little farmhouse I lived in just recently was where Carey Beth Taylor was born. She once dropped a copy of a photograph of her as a child on her mothers lap while seated on a rock wall that remains to this day on the edge of the yard. I can't locate the image now yet recall the cotton fields in the background. Just up the road Max Allen arrived on this earth some seventy years ago. That he married into a surrogate family of mine is further a bonus.

Miss Carey Beth retired as a LTC after doing her nursing during the Vietnam War. My father sold her a Santa Gertrudis bull many years ago. I enjoyed riding by and seeing a few cows that I think were hers and imagining that some favored that calf's sire that we had named Rock. We bought him twenty years ago at the Auburn Bull Test and he was a gem!

Mr. Allen became a high speed executive with Motorola yet I understand he had rather humble roots. I surely thought much of his sister Miss Braxie. His work with Lymphoma in his last years is also appreciated given my family's struggles with cancer.

Hope, hope, and more hope! John Gunn

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