Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Thank goodness for Alabama women!

I'm sharing art from Andia Attia of Montgomery courtesy of the Alabama Department of History and Archives. Rasmussen has just released Alabama Presidential Election: McCain Up by Eighteen and it's not pretty. "Among unaffiliated voters, McCain has a 62% to 21% edge." It was a rather small sample so perhaps that explains those numbers. As to women, at least Senator Obama is even. A 47% approval rating for Bu$h is revealing as well. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ Perhaps five minutes later ... I meant to share the following from yesterday's post of Christopher Dickey's Southern Discomfort. Perhaps foolishness like this across the river explains Alabama's numbers. Here goes:
Walking down to The Point one morning, a 12-year-old "private" in this particular Confederate unit told me what he'd heard tell in school about the elections. Next to nothing about McCain. But Obama? "There are too many chances we would take if he became president, you know what I mean?" I said I wasn't sure I did. "I don't know if it's a myth or it's true," said the boy, "but they say that they caught him trying to sneak Iraqi soldiers into the United States."

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