Monday, August 04, 2008

Christopher Dickey's Southern Discomfort

I've posted on Christopher Dickey's work before. In Digby Does Dickey - Paper tigers without morality both of these fine writers were exploring the many troubles with Bu$hCo's foreign policy misadventures. In "Heck of a job Bushie" I provided a portion of his take on Arab reactions to Bu$hCo's SOTU speech from early 2006. A "caricature" was perhaps too kind. I mentioned earlier today the WaPo's potential Pulitzer for their polling of poor people yet Dickey's Southern Discomfort in Newsweek is equally impressive. Dickey's writing stands alone yet combined with slick videos and photos is simply phenomenal. More to come perhaps once I dig into his work but I wanted to go ahead and share the resource. Enjoy! John Gunn

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