Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Here's the one I'll grow old with

The official doing the honors was a Republican named English yet if that's what it took to marry this amazing woman then it was worth it. Here we are outside of the Lee County, Alabama courthouse on Monday morning but I was back on Fort Lewis by 4:00 this morning. We'll grow old together as credited to my brother in law that we recently lost yet I'd ideally have had a few days more with her before flying back out to the Left Coast. I miss her something fierce. Nothing else to post this evening. I'm a tired fellow and there's so much news to read. Might attend Drinking Liberally tomorrow in Tacoma (at Merconi's Pub on Pacific around 7ish) so I could skip posting then also. Starting at the first of the week I'll be training in Yakima for about ten days so I'll be unable to post then also. Without the posting I'll miss her even more. John Gunn

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