Monday, August 25, 2008

Some more wisdom from rebelman

In response to Steadily rising tuition real concern in The Montgomery Advertiser Rebelman writes:

We have enough education in this State to sink the Battleship at Mobile or at least to bankrupt the average working taxpayer. I have heard the same old song and dance from the socialists communists unions and their counterparts in the conservative side of government about feeding massive amounts of tax money to the hungry beast we call education. This beast always promises a better future but we see massive corruption within the college system because there is no way to police these PHDs. They are above everyone else but they keep churning out graduates who cannot read, write , or spell according to industrial leaders. They spend more time brainwashing these kids on social issues than teaching them how to balance a checkbook or how not to buy a house when they cannot afford one! The professors spend more time promoting abortion or homosexuality than the study of the Constitution of the U.S. or the Conferacy!

I'm sure the Confederacy (note the spelling please) would be real proud of you Sir. And it is Ph.D. buddy! In reply to Desiree Hunter's Teaching licenses of Ala. sex offenders not revoked rebelman shares the following:

Since the government school systems no longer are Christian-based in nature and policy, you have homosexuals, child molesters, theives, atheists, career criminals, etc who are allowed to be around the children of this State. You reap what you sow!

"Thieves" not "theives" dude! I'd mentioned rebelman before. A true credit to Alabama he is. Susan Jacoby could I'm sure help us understand what makes rebelman tick yet I'm ashamed to admit plenty in Alabama feel similar thoughts as he does. This is what happens when you are exposed to too much Dr. Dobson, Rush "Big Fat Idiot" Limbaugh, Surly Sean Hannity, Hugh Hewitt, Gary Palmer, Neal Boortz, ...

Finally, a tip of the tam to Dr. Know for helping me locate the above classic clip of Bugs and Yosemite Sam. John Gunn

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