Friday, August 15, 2008

US Congresscritter Bill Sali ~ Thank God for Idaho!

He's never kissed Dubyah, at least to my knowledge, certainly not publicly like Minnesota's Representative Michele Bachmann did. However, like her, Bill Sali is (or plans to soon be) part of the GOP's campaign stunt up in DC that has been labeled "Drill, Drill, Drill" by loons like Larry Kudlow. Via Daily Kos, mcjoan serves up ID-01: Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel and it's her usual gem. Some might want to send Sali to serve but I'd want Walt! Like Miss Michele he's apparently a Christianist nutjob but doesn't get nearly the timely coverage she earns from OneNewsNow. Donald Wildmon's American Family Association didn't let him down completely however as Idahoans concerned about Mexican consolate mentioned his efforts. I'm however sure some recent quotes would be appreciated by all of us, including Walt Minnick. His broad concerns seem a little more in line with Christian values to this heathen. I expect these two "social values" motivated representatives from Alabama sent to write the Republican platform might vote for Bill but why would any not of their ilk even given him a second look? John Gunn

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