Saturday, August 23, 2008

Conservatives ~ Always on offense!

Alabama Policy Institute's Gary Palmer keeps earning his keep yet his The Bear in the Woods Is Not a Polar Bear should go into the wingnutter hall of fame. It is much better than his last rant against the "socialistic environmental agenda" of politicians who have "sold out to radical environmentalists and liberal social engineers" in that he manages to weave in a reference to Cold War triumphalism of The Gipper. Gary writes
Liberals in Congress have used polar bears and other environmental tactics to prohibit access to our oil and gas reserves. This distraction has taken our focus off the other bear that is gaining strength. With the Russian invasion of Georgia on everyone’s mind, the debate over access to our energy should be in the context of being as strong as Reagan’s "bear in the woods."
To reference Reagan with "Islamic extremists" and also blast polar bear hippies gets him the trifecta. He's indeed a machine. And therefore he remains completely uninterested in truly understanding the complexities of either the Georgia-Russia conflict, energy issues, climate change ... John Gunn

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