Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The gift of Garrison Keillor & Drew Westen

I recall first hearing Garrison Keillor while living with a sister and her husband, the couple who inspired a post I still think perhaps one of my favorites. That I also frequently ran across Phyllis Schlafly down there is a less pleasant memory. I also learned of James Dobson then. It was before he became a total nut job tool of the right wing and I frankly had an affinity for Dr. D but those daya are long gone. Garrison Keillor made in onto my bookshelves. I certainly never bought any of Schlafly's twenty books. I've make a practice of dropping all the James Dobson books my family so frequently bought me at my hometown Baptist church.

Today I found a Garrison Keillor piece via Salon titled It's an amazing country: Where else could an Arizona multimillionaire attack a Chicago South Sider as an elitist and hope to make it stick? that is a fine read. Gosh that man can write, speak, ... His prose is so amazing that it is hard to pick a perfect portion so I'll just pass.

Mr. Keillor's point is well taken yet Drew Westen, a talent I've mentioned before, turns up on HuffPo with Why Voters Say they Don't Really Know Barack Obama (and Why They Don't Really Know Much about John McCain, Either) and it is a must read. Here's the gem:
No one has ever won an election by saying what a great guy he is, letting his opponent pummel away at his character, and refusing to define his opponent or derail the glorious narrative his opponent is telling about himself.
Amen! Professor Westen is delivering this advice for free? John Gunn

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