Thursday, August 14, 2008

Saturday's Royal Rumble at Saddleback Church

California mega-church pastor Rick Warren is hosting an early opportunity to see John McCain and Barack Obama on the same stage. It is hardly a debate but Saddleback's Civil Forum on the Presidency is a promising event. The WaPo's On Faith effort gives Mississippi's Robert S. McElvaine space to share The Purpose-Driven Presidency which can give you some background. CNN is carrying the event live. I've actually read the book and I appreciate much of what Warren is trying to accomplish. That some nutjobs claim he's the anti-Christ likely makes him all the better. On the faith front, news of Huggy's fundraiser with Ralph Reed, no stranger to Alabama politics, is an avenue I might explore later yet for now I'll merely say that I'll take Rick over Ralph any day. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ As to Ralph Reed and Black Jack Abramoff, and certainly even more relevant given the Russia-Georgia crisis, the Gray Lady's Michael Cooper delivers a timely In Split Role, McCain Adviser Is Sometimes a Lobbyist. As to Alabama's Governor Riley's involvement, nothing to see here ... move along. I posted on the Governor's involvement in 2006 on Tin Shop Tartan and wonder what "Tim" would now offer in his comments.

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