Saturday, August 23, 2008

The economy hits home yet for some it hits harder!

The Anniston Star opines The economy hits home: Bernanke and Clay County where they explore the grim, somber Ben Bernanke's recent remarks in Wyoming to the swells and news that Wellborn Cabinet is laying off 169 employees. Since I've lived most of my life rather near Clay County, I'm not sure I'd use "respected manufacturing business" to describe Wellborn Cabinet nor claim these troubles are "a shocking development for a family-owned company that's been a staple of northeast Alabama's economy for more than four decades."

I understand the Wellborn family owes phenomenal sums which is not surprising given the size of their operation. That the banks have had to step in on multiple occasions to straighten things out might not certain yet I've heard rumors through the years. From a few sources I understand the Wellborn family can be "difficult" in business. That matters not I suppose.

I do know they are serious Republicans (supposedly a blend of Christianists and Corporatists) being especially close to Clay County's Bob Riley. And they write checks! The Center for Responsive politics reveals exclusive donations to the GOP. Tammy Padgett, an Accounts Receivable employee, has been showing love to Mike Rogers and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. Their Sales Director Angela O'Neill also loves her some Jeffy B.

The Star closes with a plea for "an economic plan couched in ... progressive thinking" yet we surely know one Party will not deliver anything close. As a proud Progressive, I've been less than enthusiastic about Senator Obama's candidacy. News that Senator Joe Biden will be on the ticket is certainly a positive yet he's surely a centrist, corporatist type. Senator Biden's foreign policy creds are real yet I still recall how many on the lefty side of the blogosphere have described him as representing MBNA rather than Delaware.

My bottom line is that economic theory and views on closing the income gap between the "haves" and "have nots" counts. The Wellborn family and management certainly wants to keep the GOP in power in DC and Montgomery. Do those 169 just let go? What about the others in my neck of the woods? I fear a good number of those laid off in Clay County might continue to vote "God and guns and ..." yet hope springs eternal. John Gunn

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