Friday, August 08, 2008

Let's focus on policy rather than hanky panky

Up front I'll share some sadness and frustration over news of the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter affair. Although he was my preferred candidate among those running, given this, I suppose it is good that he failed. I'm reading and have heard that many in his campaign staff are very unhappy with both John and Elizabeth and if I'd have been working with them I'd likely feel the same way. That John Edwards put us at risk of handing the White House to the other team via an October Surprise is inexcusable. However, similar to the troubles of The Clenis, this is mostly a private matter. I have left his campaign bumper stickers on my little CRV yet I guess today is as good as day as any for them to come off. His placing so much at peril by not being able to keep it in his pants is disappointing yet I wish all involved well.

Given the many lies from the current administration on matters of great substance that have either been passed by or minimally covered I expect I'll be frustrated these next few days. Especially in the slow news days of August, I expect the Corporate Media will likely continue their focus on personalities and politics rather than policy. Unfortunately, it goes beyond "sex sells". Free Press can better explain what all is wrong than I.

EPI's A Plan to Revive the American Economy is brand new so I've not had time to dive into the specifics. Their Agenda for Shared Prosperity is a good start for reading and seeing that which they suggest. The Center for American Progress likewise has plenty to share. America's Middle Class Still Losing Ground is a recent example.

With an Obama win I hope their talent will be able to find a chance to put their policies into practice. Especially since Huggy will essentially keep the same types running the asylum I'd like to think the American public ought to be told of these policy proposals. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ If and when womanizing questions start coming for Barack Obama I'll hope they'll not forget Vicki Iseman's lobbying of St. John McCain. If it gets too partisan at least the lefty set has Newt Gingrich as an easy target.

UPDATE #2 ~ And while we're on the subject of lying why does John McCain continue lying? His latest "he'll raise taxes on regular folks" effort is just the tip of the iceberg.

UPDATE #3 ~ You'd think with Russia and Georgia locking horns (is Newsweek's Owen Matthews a farm boy like yours truly?) that might merit a little coverage in the Corporate Media. Thank goodness for PBS and Jim Lehrer! Context like this is what is often missing in nearly all of the mainstream sources.

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