Saturday, August 02, 2008

How might "they" handle Bruce Ivins's suicide?

Google about for a Vince Foster related image and you find a disturbing number are associated with The Freepers. Looking back on the Vince Foster conspiracies, even before "the vast right wing conspiracy" was labeled, is likely not necessary yet the wing nuts continue to make their allegations a decade or more later. World Nut Daily's Joseph Farah and Big Fat Idiot are two prime examples. The reporting that Army scientist Bruce E. Ivins was talking of cutting a deal before taking his own life might add to ideas that he was silenced. Glenn Greenwald is pointing out the many unanswered questions with context rather than conspiracy as the root of his work. The post title refers to "they" which might include the corporate media, especially ABC given their repeated "the bentonite in the anthrax must be from Iraq" reporting, and the right wingers/movement conservatives. Let's hope Congress and the next administration will at least do some digging. John Gunn

UPDATE ~ August 7, 2008 - Simon Owens asks Should ABC News reveal its anonymous sources?

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