Friday, August 08, 2008

Did rebelman's rant help make Shay Farley's point?

The Montgomery Advertiser shares ALABAMA VOICES: Reflect our values from Alabama Appleseed's Shay M. Farley today and I was thoroughly pumped reading the same. After all, I all too often find the Alabama Policy Insitute's Gary Palmer occupying that same space. The Alabama Appleseed Center for Law & Justice has been known to me yet I had failed to add them to my sidebar. This oversight is corrected.

My favorite portion of Shay Farley's writing follows:
A community that is open to dialogue -- to discuss rationally and respectfully concerns and concrete facts -- can expose unknown realities and dampen the hurtful banter that typically entrenches discussions of immigration.
At the end of the piece I found the name "rebelman". I knew him from the following response to the Gary Palmer post linked to above:
Amen! The socialists and communists in the DemoRAT party enjoy the benefits of a great capitalist society of ours when they are sucking up the tax money they steal from it in the good times. Bad times, well these same low-life scumbags still want their share by blaming capitalism for a downturn in the economy thus giving them incentive to force new laws and restrictions on our capitalistic society saying it is good for us to have big government directing our every need! We need to make the sure the same outcome takes place with these socialists DemoRATS in November as the companies should have that they bailed out for decades and that outcome is FAILURE! FAILURE is the keystone of a free market capitalist society. Without there is no progress, just what the socialists want!
Apparently the talent rebelman brings to the discussion is that he knows how to use the shift key. As for this top drawer piece from Shay Farley, rebelman wrote:
You might as well be whistling "DIXIE" because you will not get any help from the leftwing DemoRATS in the State of Alabama legislature! These DemoRATS do not care how much tax money is spent on illegals, they will simply take more from you to pay the bills. The DemoRATS are allowing State agencies to look the other way and not ask for ID or SSN numbers when these illegals apply for welfare benefits. This is a crime against the taxpayers! These DemoRATS do not care how many innocent people get killed on the highways by these illegals because they cannot read road signs and mostly do not care how they drive! The DemoRATS control the State legislature and only the Governor can veto bad legislation until he is overridden so blame the DemoRATS on this issue.
I also want to ask rebelman for names of left wing politicians which occupy ANY elected office up on Goat Hill? I'd also like some concrete facts. But let's let him sit in the corner first.

I first titled this post "Did Shay M. Farley cast pearls before swine? However, by the end of my writing I'd decided this reaction from a reactionary goober like rebelman might in fact bolster Appleseed's effort. Keeping up work like this, perhaps especially here in Alabama, can be a long, hard slog. I like to think that for every nutjob like rebelman we have at least a thousand decent and smart souls. Hope springs eternal? John Gunn

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