Saturday, August 02, 2008

Eric Egland continues building up right wing creds

Eric Egland is a Major in the Air Force Reserve. He's appearing above on Faux News back in September of 2007. Major Egland was rejected by the GOP in CA's 4th this June yet I'd keep an eye on this handsome, well spoken, confident, sharp ... young man. McCain's current hatchet man and former Darth Cheney advisor Steve Schmidt after all saw something in him way back in 2007. That his wife Ania is a proud patriot (as demonstrated by her response to MoveOn's recent Alex ad) is I suppose a positive as well amongst the right winger set.

Egland, although neither identified as a member of the Reserves or a former GOP Congressional candidate, got into the NYT and many other outlets with his Allies Obama Overlooked yesterday. The Google reveals the piece has spread rapidly. Language like "he (Obama) spoke eloquently", "despite news media caricatures", "Al Qaeda has been unable to attack since 9/11" ... appeared yet the following is my favorite:

Such close collaboration between the United States and France against terrorist cells in Iraq may surprise those accustomed to digesting easy sound bites of “cowboy diplomacy” and “unilateralism.”

That Cofer Black testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s subcommittee on European, the same being found here, allows Major Egland to write:

Had Senator Obama, who now heads that subcommittee, read the transcripts from the meeting, which took place before he came to office, or had he held a similar hearing, he might have known that the partnerships he called for last week already exist.

His tribute to Cofer Black also leaves off Black's current employment with Blackwater. Earning his keep and building his creds, Major Egland has managed to attack the media, Obama, and defend Bu$hCo. A hat trick! Eric, did Senator Obama make a claim that partnerships don't exist?

Going back to his Faux News appearance, I think many with concerns worried about the Bu$h administration writing the report. MoveOn accepts or at least acknowledges their ad was provocative and explains their actions here. "A question of trust" was a common theme.

As for the New York Times op-ed, let's start with some of what he's troubled by. Here's a piece on MSNBC where Senator Obama covers the same ground on the recent swing through Europe. Again, "a question of trust" applies. Here's an earlier speech on the same issue.

If Senator Obama is so lost why aren't many of the same suggestions raised by Rand Europe way back in 2002 equally wrong? Their Treat Europe as a Full Partner, and It Will Be makes tons on sense to me.

I've yet to find anything that suggest Senator Obama isn't aware of the successes of many of the professionals working hard and smart despite "leaders" such as George Bu$h. I applaud Major Egland's service for instance yet I'd suggest he's more than willing to ring his own bell.

That Bu$hCo and the current GOP is distrusted by many in Europe is accepted by anyone with awareness. The failures of this administration to sustain and then build off the goodwill extended to this nation after September 11, 2001 is perhaps one the most significant failures that history will explore for decades to come.

I'd like to think Eric Egland has a reason for his work other than advancement. But I'm just not that certain given the above. And that's a shame as I expect he could do some real good given his talents and traits. John Gunn

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