Friday, August 08, 2008

If I had an Idiom of the Day feature ...

Earlier today I had a beagle wearing rose-colored glasses in posting on the Mobile Press-Register's coverage of seemingly favorable news of Alabama schools meeting Adequate Yearly Progress under Bu$hCo's No Data-Obsessed Bureaucrat Left Behind. Yet they deserve a tip of the tam for their Judges' pay not the issue from today. Although the talented and tireless mooncat got here first, as she often does, and has indeed long advocated for reform, I can go back a whole two years. Like dog years, that's ancient history in the blogosphere. The Alabama State Bar has been on the case for even longer. Raising qualifications and implementing something like the Missouri Plan for judicial appointments with retention elections seems like common sense yet those leading Alabama up on Goat Hill will likely remain unable or unwilling to move forward. John Gunn

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