Friday, August 01, 2008

I really needed some inspiration this evening

To the left are some buttons from the Civil Rights Movement period. I thought I'd share them upon discovering History Remixed: The Road to Freedom at Atlanta's High Museum of Art. If I were still teaching in Georgia I'd surely want to get my students up to The ATL to see these photographs. The exhibit ends at The High on October 5th so I fear I'll have to explore re the internets. The effort will then go to The Smithsonian but so far this political junkie hasn't made it to DC. Baby Plaid went this Spring at least. I am frustrated with Uncle Sam right now, and there's always plenty of right wing nut jobs and movement conservatives that keep delivering crony capitalists to power, but visiting these images gives me hope and resolve. You do what you can where you are I guess. A tip of the tam for all involved! John Gunn

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