Tuesday, August 19, 2008

O-A News' Paul Davis on the Pharmacist from Fyffe

I knew Lowell Barron had a bad relationship with Charles Bishop plus that he was poorly thought of by some in the Auburn University family for his alliances with Bobby Lowder yet Paul Davis of the Opelika-Auburn News lays it all out there in front of God and everybody with his Barron is what’s wrong with government. I'm hardly a fan of Senator Barron and yet in Alabama we've certainly got plenty of troubles that go far beyond one man, even one as powerful as the Pharmicist from Fyffe.

In fact, Mr. Davis writes:

We love to talk about these sleazeballs. Oddly enough, we also love to elect them. That’s the fun part of democracy. We loudly condemn our political leaders, but we can’t wait to go the polls and usher them in for another term.

The only time I feel real pain is when I hear a political leader say, “I feel your pain.” That’s the biggest lie out there. The line of the day from elected officials is their lament over $4 a gallon gasoline. Those flying to and from Washington aren’t paying a dime. Taxpayers pick up the tab. And they get the best medical care in the world, and they’ve opted out of Social Security because, as everyone knows, you can’t live off that.

I agree that is our (although seldom do my candidates win) fault that we elect them but I'll submit the media shares a great portion of the blame. The O-A News has a large following and some certain talent. They are now owned by Media General of course. Paul Davis has a long and distinguished career in journalism yet a rant like this is what I met expect to see on somebody's lightweight blog. Assertive reporting, context, a diversity of views, etc. would be much more appreciated than lashing out at merely one of the many that likely ought to be sent home from Goat Hill.

Finally, I wasn't aware you can opt out of Social Security. Are you sure about that Mr. Davis? John Gunn

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