Thursday, April 05, 2007

Washington Post Shills for Bu$hCo/Neo-Cons

Tweety's "it's a neo-con newspaper now" rings especially true today after reading the WaPo Pratfall in Damascus : Nancy Pelosi's foolish shuttle diplomacy editorial. The Boston Globe's take on Speaker Pelosi's work was different and other papers have hardly shilled the GOP and neo-con talking points once they bothered looking at the facts. Simply to bother Bu$hCo believers I'll link across the pond to the cheese eating surrender monkeys. Then again finding a NYT piece in The San Francisco Chronicle might be even more bothersome. Has the WaPo's editorial board become the equivalent to Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network? Peace ... or War!

UPDATE - If you want a solid understanding of the situation then Professor Juan Cole is certainly where I'd suggest a person start. Reckon the WaPo can't find him on the intertubes? Use the Google guys!

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