Monday, April 02, 2007

T-town News ~ Proposed school legislation is wrong

Pictured to the left is Florida's young gun Tim Tebow. This rascal is a seriously talented QB that was home schooled yet played sports at a public school. Alabama might be at the bottom in many areas yet this can't be tolerated as to football. So some pols up on Goat Hill got to work and came up with several proposals to allow kids that are home schooled or attending private schools to participate in extra-curricular activities at public schools, one bill being dubbed the "Tim Tebow Act".

The Tuscaloosa News thinks all are a bad idea, as do I. The money quote is, "Parents make a choice to keep their children out of public schools; any lack of extracurricular enrichment comes with the territory." The link to Florida Baptist Witness reveals how the Tebow family got an apartment, presumably in a location where the football program was already solid, so one could also fear some shopping about, especially by the more affluent parents. Also, if I'm a kid involved in the academics of a school I'm not so sure I'd want to have a stud or studette come in just for sports, band, debate team, etc. As an educator, I generally believe the collective good of the school is best served by not allowing interlopers, even big, fast, smart kids with a cannon arm, to drop in for the fun stuff.

This "Gator Hater" talking up Florida and agreeing with something out of Tuskerlooser ... Who'd have thunk it. Still, tonight I'll be pulling for Billy the Kid and his hoopsters. Figure this might be his last Florida game as the Kentucky job is his if he wants it. Alabama got their man and UK will likely get theirs. Peace ... or War!

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