Sunday, April 01, 2007

An "Amen!" to Alabama League of Women Voters

The Alabama League of Women Voters appears in today's B'ham News opinion section with "Appoint judges, vote to retain". I've posted previously on this reform, mostly often referencing the Alabama State Bar's suggested method. Another reason to call Montgomery y'all Alabama Plaidsters! As good a chance now as ever since perhaps all but the most hardened GOP operatives, even here in Red State Alabama, could figure their brand is a touch tarnished from Bu$hCo. Also, with Judge Cobb whipping Judge Nabors (due in part from the GOP's Chief Justice candidates getting all nasty with other and that wonderful political ad) the GOP powers might accept that they've not got the lock they might have thought on the Appellate Courts. Also, thanks to Reverend Roy and Tacky Tom plenty of regular folks might agree this reform is long, long overdue. Peace ... or War!

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