Wednesday, April 04, 2007

President Pelosi and an end to "Cowboy Diplomacy"? Would that it were!

In deciding on a title for this post I recalled John Kerry's "Would that it were." moment on The Daily Show and simply shuddered. I believe that was the first time I got a little shaky on his chances. Before long the GOP had him windsurfing and ... I'll always wonder about the what if and if only but these times they are a changing.

Matt Stoller nails an analysis on Nancy Pelosi's recent work in the Middle East with

... Pelosi is acting as a real Secretary of State or President would in foreign affairs. She is negotiating and representing an America that offers itself as a trusted partner for peace and collective security.

Much of what America did in international affairs prior to the Bush Presidency was to act as sort of buoy, or a neutral third party in negotiations, a bulwark that other nations could broadly trust. America didn't always keep its word, and it wasn't always a perfectly done role, but there really was no alternative. And I think what the Iraq war has shown is that the alternative really is total chaos, and that means that America can reclaim a leading role in global affairs if we begin to rebuild our credibility. ...

If there's a way forward it will be with our nation showing real leadership, although unfortunately that might let Dubyah fade away rather than make he and his answer for their crimes. Might be worth it yet I hope we, and that means the Big Mules and various right wing nut jobs that brought us this disaster of a Presidency, have learned our lesson. We, and that's without my vote for the record, sent a boy and his Mayberry Machiavellis to do a job that has proven simply more than they could or would accomplish. Peace .. or War!

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