Monday, April 09, 2007

A call for help for Boadicea (Vicki Cosgrove)

Pictured to the left is an image of Boadicea which perhaps might make some sense later on. I know this blog gets limited traffic yet if anyone visiting can help my favorite redheaded Progressive activist out, I'd surely appreciate the favor. Vicki Cosgrove, the face of the McNerney for Congress effort from 2004 through 2006, has a tough personal and financial situation. Her husband John is facing a likely diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. John is facing some rather serious surgery and treatment to follow. Vicki has her own health troubles as well.

Either this Kos post or this MyDD post will give you more information about what the Cosgrove family is facing. Please recommend either or better yet both to increase their ranking. Vicki's personal blog on John's condition is here. The Progressive Connection has a method by which PayPal donations may be made.

Thanks for considering my request. Since Vicki is a true Peacemonger I probably should just close with Peace! Still, Vicki once told me a person she met called her "Boadicae" and explained this name was that of a tall, red haired warrior from a part of today's England that had fought against the Romans. I've always figured that fellow was a perceptive soul. Vicki is a scrapper. She's tough and brave and bold and ... Even so, a warrior like Vicki need a little help under circumstances such as these. Peace ... or War!

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