Sunday, April 01, 2007

MLB ~ Opening Day so ... Go Braves!

To the left is Auburn native Joe Beckwith. I can vouch personally for his wicked curve. I had the honor of catching him when I was helping with the AU baseball team in early 1985. I think Joe was buddies with Coach Hal Baird from their time in KC so he'd drop by and throw some in the winter. If the players were busy I'd help loosen him up. There were many passed balls yet I enjoyed. My knees were never such that I could play catcher but I'd have chosen backstop over any other slot. Opening Day, or I guess more accurately "Opening Night", has the Mets and Cards squaring off. I must pull for Tony and the Redbirds as that will help Atlanta yet both clubs will give us trouble all year. Prediction ... Back to the playoffs this year yet it will be barely so. Go Braves!

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