Saturday, April 07, 2007

Outlanders of the Day ~ Michael Gordon, WaPo ...

The motives and messages do seem to all too often vary according to the reporter or paper. I expect no better from the obviously bent yet the Gray Lady and WaPo should be a cut above shouldn't they? Am I in "tin foil hat" territory here? Duncan's post has me in that place again today. When I heard of the recent discovery of a Explosive Formed Projectiles cache, actually a factory if I understand things correctly, in IRAQ, I immediately thought back to Michael Gordon, or more accurately the NYT piece he wrote back in February, where he conveyed the Bu$hCo line that the only source of EFPs could be IRAN. The screen capture shows the initial WaPo reporting with the EFP factory reference and yet that's gone now. Reckon why? Background on Michael Gordon follows via the link. More to come perhaps yet I'm thinking somebody has some 'splainin to do. Peace ... or War!

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