Sunday, April 08, 2007

Outlanders of the Day ~ Corporate Editorial Boards

Larisa Alexandrovna's HuffPo Why are they trying so hard to distract us? post from today says it better than I could ever hope to. I'm lucky to have the ability and desire to study up and seek so as to not just take what I'm told as the complete story. I also know that many Americans are either too busy, thick, lazy ... to go that extra distance. With that type of audience, perhaps the corporate media figures they can get away with their foolishness. I'll first give you Larisa's intro and then her close.

The national media continues to self destruct under the weight of its politically purchased editorial pages. Not content to simply slink away quietly after leading the nation into a disastrous war of choice through negligent and even highly corrupt reporting practices, the editorial boards of all of the major newspapers - still apparently strapped collectively into a mission accomplished payola flight suit - continue to play political attack dog for their paymasters.

After all, what is a little feigned concern for national security, a little faux patriotism between friends and corporate shills? ...

... Why are they trying so hard to distract us? Because they have already lied. Lies require more lies and more lies require myths and trumped up scandals. Would honest people ever spend this much time on distractions?

I think that with the exception of a few real journalists and honest columnists in the MSM, the American media-industrial-political complex is a discredited, decadent, ugly thing to behold and, sadly for us, a real danger to democracy. They are a collective Faust, selling their very souls for access, power, money and anything that relates to those three commodities so important to the morally vacuous. They sell their souls, we pay the price, and they make a profit.

I'm sure some clever soul deserves credit for the image. I think I first saw it on FireDogLake yet where I located this evening no attribution was present. Hardly the corporate media, perhaps my use will be forgiven. Certainly, using it in the good fight makes me feel a little less crummy by posting. Peace ... or War!

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