Tuesday, April 10, 2007

NYC's Rudy Giuliani uses GOP script in Bama

Actually Rudy left out family values, culture of life, etc. Reckon why? However, per Bob Lowry of the Huntsville Times, he got the lines in that he could. Here's what he said:

Giuliani said the chief lesson he learned from Sept. 11 was that “Never will America be on defense against terrorists who are planning to come here and kill us.”

As president, Giuliani said he would also cut taxes and develop an energy policy less dependent on foreign oil.

As for the "less dependent on foreign oil", I guess that just means drill in ANWAR and pretty much anywhere a shaft can be sunk. Raising CAFE standards, tax incentives, investment in research, building out European/Japanese style public transportation ... be damned! We know Big Oil will be taken care of, unfortunately so, perhaps to a lesser extend should the Democratic Party keep or actually gain control, by whichever party is in power.

Rudy serves up the standard GOP response to "terrorism". Flawed as those positions are, that's what the true believers expect to hear. Once again guys, the 9-11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Those nations are hardly democracies or part of modernity but at least on paper they our allies. We invaded Afghanistan, for the most part a decision that nearly every American could accept, to go after the Taliban and al Qaeda yet Dubyah's boy, that enabling Tommy Franks, let Osama bin Laden escape at Tora Bora. He's likely in Pakistan. Many in Pakistan loathe our nation. They have nuclear capabilities. Heck of a job Georgie!

Of course we left Afghanistan, well before our work was done there. Truly that nation rebuilt properly could have been a model in a region that truly matters. Since some innocents were killed that would have been perhaps part of the balancing out. However, Bu$hCo and his handlers elected to go on a certain fool's errand in Iraq. Plenty of wise Americans knew this was coming, most mass media excepted of course, and I'll include myself in that mix. Bu$hCo and the neo-cons lied (or at least royally screwed up) the run up to the invasion and then the occupation has been an even larger disaster. Very few if any terrorists, certainly none affiliated with al Qaeda, were in Iraq before we invaded. Some are there now of course and Bu$hCo's occupation (plus torture policy!) is guaranteeing more and more extremists. The Brits, the Germans, the ... Hell, everybody does terrorism maintenance, and that's the best anyone will ever do you goobers, better than we do. Seriously, Osama and other enemies of our country couldn't have designed a more perfect disaster that that created by old Dubyah and his neo-cons.

This idea of never being on the defense against those planning is loony tunes material. What other choice do we have? Surely going after a known threat is a given but that's more likely if we have allies to help us identify and access threats. Bu$hCo has burned up so much good will that I'm figuring allies are in short supply. HUMINT Dubyah! Buying their favor is about all that is left and that's imperfect. Securing ports and borders seems wise yet that's still pretty much lacking under Bu$hCo. Militarism is seldom going to work in the long approach to fighting terrorism and this cowboy style of using our military is not only going to destroy our warriors and their families but it is creating more extremists.

That sort of brings me to the last of Rudy's script. When all else is lost there's always "tax cuts". Never before has a war been fought with the President telling everyone else to go shop and spend those tax cuts. What tax cuts? Some average American might have gotten a little less than a couple of hundred that has long been absorbed by local and state costs and fees and some even backed up. Tuition for instance really floored me. Everybody that is willing to look sees the so called tax cuts pretty much only favored the fat cats. And don't go into the Laffer Curve, supply side, voodoo economics as that dog doesn't hunt. It never did but to explain gets complicated. Trust me and if you doubt my position I'll get a post up upon your request. The taxes on work and wages, old fashioned sweat of the brow stuff, remain the same. Dividends and capital gains got their breaks. Hardly fair it would seem to this country boy. Under Bu$hCo's GOP approach those top few in the society have surely cashed in. Think, study, question ... and Rudy and the GOP's reliance on "tax cuts" is revealed as simply more garbage they are shoveling.

Finally, the above image is from Americans for Shared Sacrifice. Amen! Peace ... or War!

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